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Hi, my name is Janvi

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or you can also call me your next designer


I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Belgium.

I have designed for a wide range of clients which include Warner Bros, Mercedes Benz Trucks, Well Being Nutrition and Nykaa. This has allowed me to specialise in a diverse range of design fields (Branding and Packaging, Editorial Design, and Photography to name a few)

The key to my design practice includes adhering to this motto:

No design is ever finished 


This allows room for constant exploration and learning. I believe graphic design, at its core, is the ability to break creation into a billion pieces and build it back with relevance and effectiveness.


I would like to sew something authentic  and innovative into the dynamic fabric of the design world. 


I hold a BA degree in Graphic and Media Design from the London College of Communication, UAL. I am available for selected freelance projects.

You can find my CV attached on the left. 

© 2020 By Janvi Parekh

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