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Diam Beauty

A freelance branding & packaging project

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Diam Beauty, is a vegan makeup brand based in India. The founder of the brand focuses on incorporating natural and harm-free ingredients in her make up products, all wrapped up in subtle luxury. 

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Gold, in the Indian culture, is a symbol of luxury. Therefore I felt that using this shade in the packaging would be a impactful way to promote the brand as exclusive. Getting the correct shade of gold was extremely important as the yellow can easily come across as gaudy, hence focusing on rose gold shades was the ultimate decision as it was soft and subtle in its aesthetics. 

Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 14.38.50.png

For the Liquid Lipstick line, a grid pattern with circles, sparkles, and diamonds was a way to add personality to the bottles (refraining from just using the brand or product name, which is what most competitors do). Again, the soft peach pantone which was used also let the colour of the product breathe through. 

Print Files:

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