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The Deadly News

The Deadly News

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

315mm x 470mm

Digitally Printed

One of my first experimentations with layout design.The brief for this particular project was to research into, design, and execute a newspaper about a topic which interested you. 

The Deadly News looks into the Euthanasia RollerCoaster. JuliJonas Urbanos designed a rollercoaster which was designed to kill it's passengers. You would die during the last seven loops of the roller coaster. These loops smaller as you whizzed along them, refusing your brain oxygen, which would then cause the pressure to build up and explode. This horrific rollercoaster would end with a cremation.


The possibility of a well-known designer being able to design something so horrid is what inspired me to focus on this topic. The connotations of death have been amplified through the use of the gothic typeface. Each design decision has been considered with the terrifying details of the Euthanasia RollerCoaster. 

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