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594mm x 841mm

Digitally printed

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Logo a-no-no was a university brief about symbols. We were given a word at random, and we had to create a symbol out of it, which would work in three different sizes. We also had to visualise the word through ambitious photography. 

My word was interference. The creation of the symbol followed a long process, from sketches to digitalisation before I was able to create the simple and straightforward depiction above (right). 

Visualising the symbol through photography was about looking into something which you could create from scratch and shoot and edit in such a way which depicted the word in a subtle manner. Therefore, the scrunched up ball of paper may seem like it is just that; but the gradient symbolises the ocean, and paper symbolises the iceberg. 

A well known association, thanks to Hollywood, that we have with the iceberg is the story of the titanic. The iceberg interfered with the course of the ship, which led to its tragic fate. 


iceberg (1).jpg
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