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Daily Greens

With Thought Over Design

Full Daily Greens Packaging
Full Daily Greens Packaging

Thought Over Design is a branding and packaging studio where I had interned as a graphic designer. One of the projects which I had the privilege of being a part of was the branding and packaging for a nutraceutical company called Well Being Nutrition. WBN was launching an effervescent tablet which was charged with nutrition, specifically designed for the consumption of people who lead busy working lives. 

I was given the opportunity to assist my boss, Anushka Sani, and an extremely talented photographer, Daniel Scheter, on a photoshoot. The concept for the packaging was to capture the ingredients through the method of photography. I was an integral part in helping with the photoshoot, where I learned an immense knowledge about food photography, and designing the label of the tube. 

Daily Greens Photoshoot
Photoshoot 2

Another outcome which was required to complete the branding, was a series of poster layouts which could be used for the marketing and promotional aspects. In order to maintain the brand identity, I used the same colour palette, as well as the photographs which were captured for the initial packaging. 

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