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594mm x 841mm

Digitally printed

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Inspired by the lack of the recycling possibilities for coffee cups; I designed, built, and executed SMUG. A brand which produces reusable coffee cups that you can Sip, Smash and Stash. 

I realised that a majority of the public preferred not to use reusable coffee mugs, simply because they were heavy and took up too much space in their bags. A way to prevent this was to create an alternate design for a mug that can is collapsible.


The packaging of the product reflects the same composition of the mug once it has been collapsed. Inside, there is a welcome letter for the consumer in order to add to the experience. The square booklet is a coffee table piece which reflects the guidelines of the SMUG brand. 


On the left is a design for a poster which could be used in order to promote the brand. Simple and to the point with the help of the arrows, one can easily interpret the purpose of the product. The "SIP, SMASH, AND STASH" tagline creates a catchy rhythm which the possible consumer can remember.

Lid Options

As a sustainable approach, changing the colour of the lid instead of the whole mug, was an option that was given to the customer once they were a part of the SMUG family. 

This is because the construction of a lid would produce less material waste than the construction of the whole mug. 

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